What to Look for in a Jewelry Store

Finding the Right Jewelry Store for You

When seeking a jewelry store that will meet your needs and preferences, there are a number of aspects to consider. Whether you are looking to purchase a piece of jewelry or a timepiece for a loved one or for your own personal collection, you will want to visit a store that you can trust. Our experts at Mitchum Jewelers have put together this guide to the things one should look for in such a jeweler that you should do business with for years.

Positive Reputation in the Community

The opinions of a jeweler’s surrounding community are one of the first things to consider when looking for the right store for you. Seek informative experiences of past customers as this can give you essential insight into the type of experience you might have. Look for reviews online or ask around among friends and colleagues who may have visited the jeweler before you.

Certified Staff and Products

One way to ensure you are receiving the highest quality products and services on the market is to check for a jeweler’s adherence to GIA standards and if they staff GIA-trained employees. Affiliations with the GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, let customers know that the products sold by the company are of the highest caliber and the staff are knowledgeable as well as capable.

Ethical Practices

It is always suggested that one should seek out jewelers that are committed to upholding ethical business practices as well as sourcing their jewelry and other products from conflict-free brands and providers. Many prefer to reward ethical responsibility with their patronage, and this sort of discernment helps to increase the popularity of ethical practices in the realm of luxury jewelry.

Safety Assurance

When trusting your jeweler with both your financial information and prized luxury possessions for servicing, you will want to seek out companies that can ensure the safety of these products and information via policies, processes, and up-front agreements. Before entrusting a piece of jewelry with anyone, make sure to ask plenty of questions and do diligent research.

Where is the Work Performed?

One also might want to consider whether most of the work is done in-house or at a different location. If the work is done in-house, it is likely that the process of getting your jewelry back will be much quicker. You can keep a closer eye on the progress of the work, and you can check in with the jeweler when necessary.

Find Trusted Jewelers at Mitchum Jewelers

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