Solitaire Rings



Characteristics of Solitaire Rings

The solitaire ring is by far the most popular style chosen all over the world. This setting is the classic image that comes to many minds when thinking of engagement rings. Solitaire settings place a single dazzling gem center stage on a delicate band without any distractions, in order to better showcase the gemstone’s beauty. The solitaire ring is a striking, yet versatile vision, often available in unadorned, classic styles that fit any budget. For those willing to spend more on ornate details, they are also available in more lavish and bold designs. Solitaire rings pair neatly with wedding bands of every style due to the accommodating silhouette solitaire rings provide.

Popular Solitaire Ring Collections

A Jaffe solitaire rings are notorious for their exquisite simplicity. Straight or twisting white gold bands adorned with a single diamond stand out for the timeless elegance they bring. A Jaffe has been creating engagement jewelry for over a century and is sought after for its classic silhouettes with modern concepts. TACORI solitaire rings boast a classic beauty with a modern twist, gaining much of their inspiration from California’s coastal landscapes. All TACORI pieces are conflict-free and ethically sourced, crafted from intricate 3D designs, and molded into a wearable work of art.

Additional Solitaire Ring Collections

TACORI’s namesake collection, Simply TACORI, houses handcrafted solitaire rings with expert artistry. These rings feature expertly cut diamonds in unique and innovative designs. Every TACORI ring shines with a sophisticated brilliance. Michael M’s collection of solitaire rings are masterfully crafted in Los Angeles with unique under-stone polishings to showcase dazzling single-set diamonds. An innovative U carriage setting is used for each Micahel M solitaire engagement ring, allowing the brilliance of each diamond to be seen from every angle. Michael M solitaire rings use only ethically sourced reclaimed metals to forge handcrafted one-of-a-kind bands.

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