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Characteristics of Wedding Bands

Since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, wedding bands have been a couple’s preferred symbol of a marriage’s commitment and forever love. But while the Egyptians preferred perishable materials like papyrus, it wouldn’t be until the Romans that a precious and imperishable bond would be symbolized by precious and imperishable materials. For over 2,000 years, wedding bands have been made from gold, and that trend has continued to this day. With the addition of diamonds, colored gems, and other amazing touches, the wedding band collections available at Mitchum Jewelers represents the heights of millennia of design!

Popular Wedding Band Collections at Mitchum Jewelers

For both men and women, Mitchum Jewelers has some amazing options available. One of our favorite designers of women’s wedding bands is the inimitable Michael M. Their Princess collection is built around the beauty of princess-cut diamonds—these glittering square diamonds are set in the equally modern beauty of channel settings. For a set of wedding bands, Princess collection pieces are breathtakingly unexpected and breathtakingly beautiful. The Metropolitan collection from A.JAFFE also approaches modernity from a unique perspective. This collection’s wedding bands feature bands made entirely from bezel-set diamonds, as well as bands made from halos. If you’re looking for white gold excellence, A.Jaffe is the right designer for you.

For men, our collections are no less remarkable. If you’re a groom-to-be who appreciates phenomenal design and rugged durability, you’ll love the Ammara Stone and Tantalum brands we offer at Mitchum Jewelers. These brands represent two different expressions of masculine style that are equally great: Ammara Stone wedding bands are focused on aesthetics and pairings of precious metals for effect. Two-tone bands pair textured gold against durable transition metals that have the strength to protect the gold textures like wood bark, scales, and cobblestones. Tantalum is named for the metal they use for their bands. Tantalum is element 73 on the periodic table, and this uniquely grey metal is resistant to most chemicals, phenomenally dense, and heat-resistant, making it perfect for any working man.

Why Shop for Wedding Bands at Mitchum Jewelers?

When we opened our doors for the first time in 1965, we at Mitchum Jewelers strove to collect only the finest collections of bridal jewelry in the industry. For decades, we’ve been excited about the engagement rings and wedding bands we’ve discovered, and we’re always ready to show off their excellence to our customers. The inventiveness of modern designers’ wedding bands form a cornerstone of our showcases, which means that no matter your tastes, you can find something you’ll adore at our Ozark, Missouri showroom! If you’d like to learn about our collections of wedding bands, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 417-581-2415 today.