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a couple crossing their pinkies, the woman wearing a cushion cut, halo engagement ring
Characteristics of Engagement Rings

For generations, the timeless allure of engagement rings is about more than their exquisite beauty; they symbolize an unbreakable bond, commitment, and a bright future. Mitchum Jewelers deeply understands this sentiment. Within our curated collection, elegant solitaires stand as an personification of pure love, while three-stone designs beautifully encapsulate a couple's past, present, and future journey. Rings adorned with side stones radiate every cherished moment of a relationship, while our halo designs, framed by a circle of diamonds, magnify the beauty of profound romance. With Mitchum Jewelers, every love story is celebrated in its unique splendor.

a bride holding her bouquet and wearing an emerald cut engagement ring
Popular Engagement Ring Designers

At Mitchum Jewelers, we proudly showcase a distinguished selection of engagement rings from world-renowned brands. Ashi Diamonds, for instance, captivates with its magnificent craftsmanship, blending modern design with a classy appeal. Their attention to detail ensures every diamond sparkles in perfect harmony. TACORI, a Californian heritage brand, is renowned for its signature crescent silhouette design, lending rings an iconic, interwoven elegance. Lastly, A.JAFFE stands out with its rich legacy of over 120 years. Their rings boast a seamless balance between contemporary and classic, some pieces marked by the unmistakable squaring or quilting of the ring's shank.

a woman’s hands, one on to pof the other, donning a yellow gold, oval cut engagement ring
Additional Popular Engagement Ring Designers

Originating from Antwerp, Henri Daussi is a bridal brand revered for their groundbreaking diamond cutting, ensuring unparalleled brilliance in each engagement ring. On the other hand, Michael M uniquely fuses European-inspired designs with a fresh twist, marked by their signature U-set diamonds and intricate micro pavé settings. Meanwhile, Allison-Kaufman stands as a beacon of tradition and craftsmanship, often accentuated with delicate milgrain and hand-engraved details. Each brand, in its distinct style, brings forth a piece of art, making every engagement ring not just a symbol of love, but a masterpiece in itself.

one person’s hand holding another’s, that person wearing a marquise cut engagement ring
Discover Engagement Rings at Mitchum Jewelers

Find your dream engagement ring at Mitchum Jewelers. Our pristine Ozark jewelry store presents a world of eye-catching options waiting to become the centerpiece of your love story. Alongside our curated collections, we offer an array of professional jewelry services. Dreaming of something truly one-of-a-kind? Our custom design service empowers you to create a ring from scratch, ensuring every facet resonates with your personal touch. Dive into a universe where imagination meets craftsmanship. For more details on our unmatched products and services, we invite you to contact us. Your journey to forever begins here.