Halo Rings


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Characteristics of Halo Rings

Halo engagement rings maximize the brilliance of the chosen center stone by encircling the stone with glittering diamonds. The effect is so dazzling it is clear why the halo engagement ring continues to grow in popularity. Its ability to draw eyes to your ring is unmatched. Along with making the center stone appear larger, the halo design softens the look of rigid edges—whether cushion, pear, or marquise—the edges fade into the luminous glow of the halo. While many classic engagement ring designs feature only one diamond, a halo ring offers the wearer another timeless option with a striking, modern twist.

Popular Halo Ring Collections

Known for their signature crescent silhouette design, TACORI offers unique halo ring collections full of romance and wonder. The Dantela collection features a lace-like halo where the center stone rests in a shimmering, intricate bed of diamonds. For a romantic, whimsical touch, the Full Bloom collection displays delicately alluring beauties where the halo blooms outward like petals opening up to the sun. Characterized by traditional silhouettes and timeless styles, A.JAFFE is a premier bridal designer known for his Classics collection. Additionally, the modern bride can find the perfect engagement ring with a flirtatious sparkle in the Metropolitan collection, which features bold designs with double halos and thick diamond heavy bands.

When your engagement ring turns heads, Henri Daussi is likely the culprit. Cutting the world's most brilliant diamonds, the Daussi Cushion collection features their Signature Daussi Cushion™ cut diamond. Featuring a number of diamond-studded halo engagement ring styles and 18K white gold and platinum ring settings, the Daussi Engagement Ring collection seamlessly blends elegance and glamour. Breaking away from tradition, Michael M. collections are characterized by unique under stone polishing and custom blends of alloy metals, along with milgrain details and hand engraving. Inspired by European sophistication, the Europa collection elevates the center stone upon a regal diamond crown.

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