Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry CleaningJewelry CleaningJewelry Cleaning

-Mitchum Jewelers offers FREE cleaning and inspection to all jewelry whether it was purchased at our store or not.

-Mitchum Jewelers highly recommends having your jewelry cleaned and checked every 3 months to help avoid potential problems.

-Jewelry is often worn every day, much more than any other item of clothing and over time, the daily exposure can begin to wear on the prongs that hold stones secure.

-Drop by M-F 9a - 6p or Sat 9a - 5p and let us check your pieces for you and we'll make sure everything is secure and beautiful?

-We also offer extremely affordable refinishing services to bring your jewelery back to its like new appearace. Ask about refinishing and one of our friendly team members will explain everything in detail during your next visit.

See you soon!