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Modern Wedding Band Styles

Guide to Modern Wedding Band Styles

Wedding bands have been a bridal tradition for centuries. Worn by everyone from queens to accountants, a band is a timeless symbol of romance, maturity, and commitment. Modern jewelry designers have created a boundless variety of contemporary styles, each possessing its own unique aesthetic. Read this guide by our team at Mitchum Jewelers to find your favorite.

Pave Wedding Bands

In a pave wedding band setting, “pave” refers to a number of diamonds laid closely together and secured with metal between the stones, resulting in a magnificent, regal line of diamonds ablaze with style. There are many variations of pave. In micropave, multiple rows of pave set diamonds are stacked on top of each other for a uniquely luxurious look.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are truly unparalleled in shine. In these magnificent bands, gemstones or diamonds go all the way around in an unbroken circle. This is said to represent eternal romance. Not only are eternity bands sentimental, but they are also spectacular. Designers make many kinds of eternity bands, each sporting its own take. Some are uninterrupted and straightforward, while others take a more whimsical path.

Stackable Wedding Bands

Many opt to wear their wedding band with their engagement ring. Those who do may consider picking pieces that are better for accentuating their bridal stack. They may be nesting rings, which have a delightful curve meant to surround a dashing center stone. Alternatively, it could be a brilliant diamond wedding band to garner more attention. Fashion rings may be an interesting consideration as well.

Gemstone Bands

For those who want the most regal and bold rings, gemstone bands are an exceptional option. These rare pieces eschew colorless diamonds in favor of colorful gemstones. They evoke a captivating glamor that is sure to make the most prominent of statements. Usually, these are precious gems: emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. They sometimes appear alongside diamonds, which lend their light to a breathtaking display.

Anniversary Bands

The anniversary band is a fresh, conceptual innovation on the bridal stack. On milestone anniversaries, a new wedding band can be given. When worn alongside the rest of the bridal stack, they illustrate how a marriage grows and develops. Make sure that the anniversary band complements its peers. Nesting rings and more minimalist pieces are excellent choices for this reason.

Find Wedding Bands at Mitchum Jewelers

Mitchum Jewelers is the premier jeweler of Ozark, Missouri. Our selection of exquisite wedding bands ensures that you have a wide variety of modern wedding band styles to choose from, each offering its own distinctive style. We also have plenty of delightful engagement rings to pair them with, ensuring a complete and personalized bridal stack. Call our jewelry store near you at (417) 581-2415 to learn more about everything we can do for you.