About Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds

When you're searching for an engagement ring, you generally have two options available. The first option is the preset ring, where the center stone has already been selected by the designer. The second is the semi-mount ring. With this option, the side stones are placed by the designer, but the center space is left empty for a woman to select her own diamond. Of course, this option demands a loose diamond to fill the space-and that's where Mitchum Jewelers comes in. Our focus on diamonds means that every stone we offer is of unparalleled beauty and quality. There's no better choice than a Mitchum Jewelers loose diamond to complete your beautiful engagement ring.

Choosing Your Loose Diamond

Here at Mitchum Jewelers, we pride ourselves on the quality of our diamonds. Hand-selected for excellence, we ensure that your loose diamond is the cream of the crop. This isn't limited to round brilliants. On the contrary, when you visit our Ozark showroom, you'll find that our passion for diamonds extends to all the popular diamond shapes that dazzle women's sensibilities. Whether it's the vintage beauty of the step cuts, Asscher and emerald cuts; the delightful round cut; or the fancy shape diamonds that pique the imagination, you'll find what you want in our showcases.

The brilliance of our loose diamonds is backed by a pedigree: Randy Mitchum, who hand-selects all our diamonds, is a graduate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), specializing in the glittering gem. You'll be able to select a diamond based on the 4 C's, as well as a host of other meaningful traits. In other words, the hunt for the right loose diamond is one that you can perform according to your standards. Never feel like you have to spend money on features that are of less importance to you!

Why shop at Mitchum Jewelers?

With the most popular shapes of diamond hand-selected by a GIA-certified expert, you can already see that Mitchum Jewelers is at the head of the pack. Since 1965, we've been discovering new ways of embracing the beauty of diamonds, and we're always ready to share what we know with our customers. In addition to loose diamonds, you can also find some of the most remarkable collections of engagement rings here at our showroom. From Tacori to Michael M, you can be assured that your purchase will give you something to admire for generations. Also, if you're interested in seeing your loose diamond placed in a custom engagement ring, Mitchum Jewelers is more than capable of helping design your dream ring. If you'd like to find out more, contact our Ozark, Missouri showroom at 417-581-2415!.