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Brands To Embrace In 2024

December 15th, 2023

a woman surrounded by party balloons and wearing large silver hoop earrings

Housing brands that are making significant strides in the realm of high fashion and bridal jewelry, Mitchum Jewelers remains at the forefront of luxury. The coming year promises to unfold with groundbreaking creativity from our featured brands, each infusing their collections with a blend of tradition and innovation. As champions of sustainable luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship, these designers are not merely following trends; they are establishing them. They craft stories through their pieces, embodying the elegance and sophistication that our clientele cherishes. With our finger on the pulse of the industry's future, we eagerly anticipate the new narratives that will emerge through their stunning creations.

a white gold engagement ring, rose gold pair of gemstone earrings, and a white gold diamond bracelet


Since 1969, the name TACORI has been synonymous with handcrafted elegance and Californian allure, inspired by the beauty of the Pacific and time-honored craftsmanship. Known for their signature crescent design element, TACORI’s pieces fuse old-world elegance with modern sophistication, making their bridal and fashion jewelry truly distinct. Their dedication to detail and unique designs make every piece an intimate token of love and style, coveted by discerning clients.

a white gold engagement ring with a round center stone, a three stone engagement ring with pear shape diamonds, a curved diamond wedding band


Crafting breathtaking bridal jewelry since 1892, A.JAFFE embodies the epitome of sleek design and enduring elegance. With a focus on luxurious comfort, their signature quilted interior sets them apart, ensuring each piece isn't just captivating but also a pleasure to wear. The refinement of their designs makes them a hallmark for anyone seeking to combine classic charm with modern finesse, authentic evidence of more than a century of masterful craftsmanship.

a rose gold wedding band with black diamonds, a halo engagement ring with a yellow center stone, a triple halo engagement ring

Henri Daussi

Belgium's rich legacy of diamond cutting resonates in every sparkle of Henri Daussi's jewelry, a brand hailing from Antwerp's illustrious diamond district. Since its inception over 60 years ago, the brand has been creating fashion and bridal pieces with unparalleled craftsmanship. What sets them apart is their innovative diamond cuts and unique designs, ensuring that each piece celebrates the individuality of the wearer with a blend of tradition and cutting-edge style.

a textured, yellow gold men’s wedding band, and two mixed metal men’s wedding bands


Renowned for crafting distinctive wedding bands, the brand known as Benchmark sets itself apart with innovative designs that have redefined traditional expectations. Utilizing the latest in technology and engineering, they infuse durability and comfort into sleek, contemporary rings. Unique for their precision, commitment to responsible sourcing, and lifetime guarantee, their rings offer a unique blend of modern aesthetic with the promise of long-lasting resilience and quality.

a three tiered, yellow gold fashion ring, a pair of white gold diamond huggies, and a yellow gold eye necklace

Shy Creation

With a flare for trendsetting design, the award-winning fashion and bridal jewelry from Shy Creation caters to those who celebrate life with a splash of luxury. Established as a testament to creativity and detail, their collections are meant for the fashion-forward individual. Distinguished by playful motifs, precision cuts, and a chic aesthetic, their pieces range from bold statement items to delicate everyday wear, all designed to seize the joy and celebration of every moment.

a pair of purple gemstone studs, an opal pendant necklace, and a yellow gold ring with deep red stone

Madison L

Distinguished by feminine, timeless silhouettes and vibrant gems, the brand Madison L has firmly established itself in the realm of high-fashion jewelry since its foundation. Its collections are a celebration of color and contemporary design, offering a bold palette for style-conscious individuals. Each piece is crafted with an attention to detail that sets the brand apart, ensuring that those who wear Madison L jewels make a statement with every outfit, reflecting a commitment to elegance and cutting-edge trends.

a woman sitting in the road wearing a white ensemble and white jewelry

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