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The Stack Is Back!

May 17th, 2018

If you’re planning to get engaged soon and looking for a distinct ring style that is timeless and beautiful, consider choosing the stacked look for your wedding bands. Stacked rings can give you the gorgeous layered look for this classic trend. In the Springfield area, stacked rings are back in style. With Mitchum Jewelers, we can help you learn more and show you the unique stacking ring choices we have to offer.

Why We Love Stacked Rings

Choosing an engagement and wedding ring is a huge decision. You want something that will look amazing for many years. You’ll also want a style that allows your engagement ring and wedding band to complement each other. Stacked styles do just that and more. Here are some reasons why we are falling in love with the stacked ring styles once again:

  • Rings Made to Match – Some brides worry about having two different types of styles for their engagement and wedding rings. With stacked rings, they are designed to pair together, eliminating that style stress.
  • Unique Designs – Your stacked ring won’t look like everyone else’s wedding jewelry. Show off your unique style and individuality with a stacked design that conveys your love for each other.
  • A Custom Look – Jewelry designers have expanded their options for stacked rings. Instead of the traditional pairing of one engagement ring and a wedding band, you can opt for additional layers down the road, such as an anniversary band.

A Symbol of Your Love

Choosing a stacked ring style also makes a dramatic statement about your love. Many styles have the engagement ring locked between two smaller rings, giving you the perfect symbol of your new life together. A stacked ring style can also give you a lot more sparkle to show off your new status as a married couple.

If you want to check out some of the newest looks in stacked wedding rings, stop by our location today!