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New Year Watch Trends of 2023

January 15th, 2023

A woman wearing all white and a gold watch carrying a colorful bag

Timepieces are incredible accessories that offer both functionality and fashionability. There is a boundless variety of beautiful and unique watches, each perfect for someone. Due to the differences in aesthetics, what is and isn’t popular fluctuates over time. As the new year arrives, some looks will be more desirable than others, while last year’s favorites may be pushed aside. Stay fashion-forward in 2023 by adhering to this guide crafted by our experts here at Mitchum Jewelers.

Front and back images of a silver Shinola watch with a green dial

Green Dials

Watches with green dials have a bold, vintage look. Eccentric and eye-catching, they offer a distinctive style that attracts attention. From elegant emerald green to electric lime, plenty of green dials are available. When paired with silver-hued materials like stainless steel and sterling silver, they create a verdant vibrance. With yellow and rose gold, they embody a more spectacular style.

Automatic movement and sapphire crystal instill a high-end quality to the piece, while high water resistance ensures they’ll survive all the elements.

Front and back images of a black Shinola watch


This trend never seems to end, having kicked off years ago. Never losing steam, minimalist timepieces are beloved by watchmakers, fashion enthusiasts, and artists alike. They have understated dials with few complications. Minimalist watches’ versatility makes them essential and contributes to their popularity.

Only a thin white outline makes the indices visible. It is certainly easy to pair with an ensemble, making it desirable for an everyday companion.

A silver and rose gold watch with a silver case, white dial, and rose gold indices

Gold Tone

While pure gold is often too delicate for watches, gold accents allow for a luxurious and opulent aesthetic. This year is all about spectacular, bold, and eye-catching accessories, so the popularity of gold-tone is destined this year. Gold is often used in conjunction with stainless steel to evoke a stunning metallic shine.

The gold-tone accents pair beautifully with the stainless steel case and bracelet, plus the accenting lettering on the indices.

A front and back image of a gray shinola watch with a gray strap and dial

Fabric Strap

Fabric straps like NATO textiles and certain leathers are certain to trend this upcoming year. They have a casual, rustic aesthetic that meshes well with bright and colorful outfits. Available in a myriad of colors, including beige, tan, blue, and beyond, they make great accessories. Fabric is also robust and durable. Better yet, these straps can be easily replaced, allowing the wearer to fix broken straps or even mix and match straps.

Uniquely, it also has a chronograph that adds much more functionality to the timepiece, especially in conjunction with the subdial. The watch also has a subtle leather strap that offers both comfort and a luxurious feel.

Silver watch with minimalist dial sitting on a brown leather piece of furniture

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