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Make Every Date Shine with These Jewelry Styles

January 15th, 2022

No matter if it is your first date with someone or your weekly date night with your spouse, wearing a fashionable outfit with jewelry to match really reinforces the atmosphere of spending time with a loved one. It is a rare occasion to show off the best pieces in your collection, so take advantage of it. This guide shows off some of our favorite pieces to wear during some fun date activities.

Rings You Can Eat

You cannot actually eat jewelry, but wearing some at a dinner date is an exceptional idea. A couple fashion rings flashing on your fingers as you eat and talk across the table is a beautiful accessory. The rings will be noticed with their sparkle and your aesthetic will be imparted with the memory of the date.

 Its marvelous blue topaz highlighted by sterling silver adds that extra oomph to complete your look. It’s elegant, dashing, and playful - perfect for a date.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

During a daytime date of trekking on a sandy beach or traversing the woods, you will be facing the elements, even if it’s in a romantic context. As such, for clothes, you’ll want to wear something practical and comfortable. This could be tight blue jeans, a graphic tee, a pair of boots, and or even just a bathing suit depending on the time of year and activity.

This gemstone necklace is designed to show off a beautiful diamond and that’s just what it does. It goes with everything due to this simplicity and is perfect for any journey through the wild.

Curate Your Look

Museums are the ultimate setting for statement pieces. Since there are so many works of art displayed, the best way to get your date to notice the one hanging on your neck is to make it bold, beautiful, and extraordinary. This pair of Allison Kaufman earrings does just that with purple, blue, and clear gemstones arranged to have a tumbling, stained-glass effect inside an ovular white gold pane. These brilliant earrings are an art piece in and of themselves.

Party Fancily with Necklaces

A fancy party deserves a fancy necklace. Here’s a rule when it comes to necklaces. They should be shorter or longer than your neckline. That way, you will not have to pull it out of your clothing all day. Since dinner parties require moving around and eating, you do not want to have to keep fixing your jewelry.

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