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Spring's Finest: How to Choose Earrings to Compliment Your Updo

February 15th, 2024

a woman wearing a messy bun and gold hoop earrings in a cafe.

As the weather begins to warm up, a delightful trend starts to blossom: updo hairstyles become all the rage. The allure of gathering your hair into an elegant bun, braid, or twist not only keeps you cool on those sunnier days but also adds a touch of sophistication to your overall look. However, the magic of an updo truly comes alive when paired with the perfect pair of earrings. Earrings have the remarkable ability to elevate your style, turning a simple updo into a statement-worthy ensemble. Browse some of the accessories we at Mitchum Jewelers feel will add the perfect finishing touch to all of your springtime ensembles. 

a pair of rose gold TACORI Bloom diamond stud earrings.

Big and Bold Studs

Opting for large and dramatic stud earrings can be a game-changer for your spring looks. These earrings offer the perfect balance of comfort and glamor, making them an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their updo style. A stunning example of this is this pair of TACORI Bloom halo diamond stud earrings, set in 14k rose gold. These exquisite studs not only provide a secure and comfortable fit but also exude timeless elegance with their halo of sparkling diamonds. The contrast between the bold size of the studs and the delicacy of the updo creates a striking effect, ensuring that all eyes are on you. Large and dramatic stud earrings like these are sure to make a lasting impression, effortlessly elevating your springtime style.

a pair of diamond earrings, featuring a variety of cuts, from Allison Kaufman.

Dramatic Dangling Drops

Possessing the ability to effortlessly enhance the sophistication of your updo, drop earrings add a touch of mystique to your overall appearance. These diamond drop earrings from Allison-Kaufman, featuring a variety of diamond shapes, exemplify this style beautifully. These exquisite earrings cascade gracefully, catching the light and creating a mesmerizing sparkle with every movement. The combination of different diamond shapes adds a dynamic element to your look, making it ideal for both casual and formal occasions. Whether you're attending a spring gala or simply enjoying a lovely outdoor brunch, drop earrings like these are a stunning choice that will undoubtedly draw attention to your carefully crafted updo.

A pair of white gold diamond hoop earrings from Shy Creation.

Anything-But-Basic Hoops

If you’re seeking to add a classic and timeless accent to your updo, hoop earrings are a go-to choice that never goes out of style. Their simple yet sophisticated design effortlessly complements any updo, creating an understated elegance that stands the test of time. For a more dramatic and statement-making effect, opt for bigger hoops like these stunning diamond hoop earrings from Shy Creation. These hoops not only exude a touch of luxury with their diamond-encrusted design but also bring a bold and eye-catching element to your overall look. Choosing hoop earrings as your updo's accessory will infuse a touch of class into your ensembles.

A pair of hoop earrings with 14k black gold plated sterling silver from Freida Rothman.

Captivating Metal Contrasts

When it comes to selecting the perfect earrings to accentuate your updo, choosing designs that feature unique metals can be a game-changer. These distinctive pieces not only add a sense of intrigue to your overall look but also provide an opportunity to showcase your individual style. These Freida Rothman hoop earrings, crafted with 14k black gold plated sterling silver, offer a bold and edgy look that is perfect for those looking to make a statement. The addition of black gold and sterling silver creates a captivating contrast, adding a touch of sophistication and modernity to your updo hairstyle. 

A pair of aquamarine and diamond drop earrings from Ashi Diamonds.

Pretty Pastel Vibes

For those looking to infuse a vibrant burst of color into their spring updo, gemstone earrings are an absolute must-have. These radiant gems have the remarkable ability to add a pop of color that complements the season's blossoms and bright skies. A stunning example is the pair of aquamarine drop earrings from Ashi Diamonds. The soothing blue hue of aquamarine mirrors the tranquil waters of spring, making it a perfect choice for adding a refreshing touch to your updo hairstyle. These drop earrings not only capture the essence of the season but also exude a sense of elegance and grace.

 a woman wearing tassel earrings while walking outside.

Buy the Earrings Perfect for Updos at Mitchum Jewelers

At our Ozark jewelry store nestled in the heart of Missouri, we understand the importance of finding the perfect earrings to compliment your updos. Earrings are more than just accessories; they're a reflection of your unique style and can transform your entire look. Our collection boasts a wide range of exquisite earrings, from classic studs to statement drops and everything in between. We also offer custom jewelry design services, allowing you to create one-of-a-kind pieces that perfectly match your updo and personal taste. Visit us today, and let us help you discover the ideal earrings that will elevate your updo and make you feel absolutely stunning.