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A Ring That Prompts a ?Yes!?

June 22nd, 2018

Whether you are surprising someone with an engagement ring or selecting one as a couple, we at Mitchum Jewelers understand that it is a big emotional and financial investment that requires a lot of attention and planning. With 53 years in the bridal jewelry business, we are well-positioned to handle your needs no matter what your personal style — bling, vintage, classic, or uncategorizable. If you are looking for a gorgeous design while staying within a budget, we can offer you our very popular halo diamond engagement rings.

Get the Most Sparkle for Your Buck

Halo rings were popular during the Art Deco period, and today they are near the top again, which can be explained by the versatility of their design, size enhancing properties and cost-effectiveness. A halo design features a large center diamond surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds making the center diamond pop and seem even larger. This effect can make a 1-carat diamond appear to be as much as twice its size without the extra expense. You will find your perfect halo setting with the following options:

  • Metal Type and Color: You can choose from a variety of precious metals, such as rose, yellow, or white gold, or even the ultimate legacy metal: Platinum.
  • Center Diamond Shape: You can choose a variety of diamond shapes for your perfect setting. After you have decided on your diamond shape, we can choose the halo to perfectly enhance your beautiful center diamond.
  • Pavé setting: A band set with pavé diamonds or gemstones adds glamour and brilliance to the center stone. If you are going for maximum glitz and sparkle, you can choose multiple halos to surround your center diamond.

Contact Us for a Personalized Experience

We believe that having a budget should not limit your ability to create a unique and memorable moment. Call us at 417-581-2415 to speak to a representative or visit us on the web, together we will find your perfect halo diamond engagement ring that you will cherish forever.