Guide To Wedding Band Finishes

Guide To Wedding Band Finishes

Your wedding band is likely one of the most expensive and meaningful pieces of jewelry you will ever own in your lifetime. It is also probably the one you will wear most often. Customize your wedding ring to reflect your personality and aesthetic preferences with a unique finish. Our team at Mitchum Jewelers has put together a guide to some of the most popular wedding band finishes.

Polished Finish

Also referred to as the “mirror finish,” the polished finish is the most common among bridal and fashion jewelry alike. This is likely because it is the most reflective of all finishes and gives a ring a distinctly elegant look. It is human nature to love shiny things, and this finish is undoubtedly that. However, it is less resistant to scuffs and scratches than other finishes.

Satin Finish

Rings with a satin finish retain much of the shine of the polished finish but offer a more subtle alternative. As the name suggests, satin-finished rings appear slightly textured. This is the second most popular option among wedding bands. Less attention-grabbing than polished metal, a satin finish is a suitable option for those with a more conservative style.

Matte Finish

Compared to the soft satin finish, matte-finished rings appear more opaque and reflect less light. For this reason, if the surface of the ring is scuffed or scratched, it will be far less noticeable than on a satin or polished ring. This finish appears muted and velvety, offering an exciting alternative to the most popular wedding ring styles.

Brushed Finish

Textured similarly to the satin finish, the brushed finish is non-reflective and gives your ring a bit of unique flair. Its name comes from the appearance of tiny strokes on the ring's surface as if created by a small brush. This option is even more resistant to showing scratches than the matte finish.

Hammered Finish

One of the most distinctive finishes is the hammered finish. It is easily distinguishable by small dimples on the surface of the ring that are created by a specialized hammer. The ring then receives a satin finish to create an incredibly textured and visually engaging piece that is ideal for those seeking a ring as unique as they are.

Sandblasted Finish

Sandblasted rings have a noticeably coarse, grainy texture reminiscent of sand that is both visually intriguing and interesting to the touch. This finish is highly resistant to showing any damage as its grainy texture readily masks the appearance of scuffs or dents. You can rest assured that your piece will endure the elements.

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