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Do you have in-house Jewelry Repair?

June 20th, 2024

Yes, we are very proud to have in-house jewelry repair!

We believe your jewelry is too important to ship off to a random repair facility; You should be able to talk face-to-face with our team and get a first-hand promise on the timeline and details about your repair. 

We currently have two certified jewelers who possess extensive expertise and skill in repairing and restoring all types of jewelry. Whether it's resizing rings, soldering rings together, restringing pearls, setting gemstones/diamonds, or repairing broken chains, we handle each repair with meticulous attention to detail and care. Additionally, we have a separate quality control department that inspects every piece before it is released back to the customer, ensuring that each repair meets our high standards of craftsmanship and excellence. 

With an in-house repair facility, we can ensure a quick and efficient turnaround time, typically completing repairs within 1-2 weeks. Trust us to breathe new life into your cherished pieces and restore them to their former glory.